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    Manufacturers will be transitioning to ENFit only connectors in the near future. Make sure you understand where your manufacturers are in this transition process. GEDSA, the Global Enteral Devices Supplier Association, has released the following important production phase out dates for legacy enteral connectors July 1st, 2021

  • ENFit Connectors Feeding Sets/Tubes/Syringes in 2017

    Sep 12, 2016 · You will start to see enteral syringes with ENfit connectors. This will prevent accidental delivery of enteral formula or oral medications into non-enteral tubing. This includes IV, respiratory or other tubing. Initially, ENFit syringes should come with transitional stepped connectors for use with current feeding tubes and extension sets.

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    NeoConnect’s open hub design and the asso­ci­ated cleaning tool assist clin­i­cians in the care and main­te­nance of ENFit feeding tube hubs and their threaded connectors. Bottomless design allows visu­al­iza­tion and elim­i­nates a floor where HBM/formula can accu­mu­late, fostering bacte­rial growth. NeoMed offers a plug

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  • Enteral (ENFit®)StayConnected by GEDSA

    Order an ENFit or NRFit tool kit Fill out our order form & email to [email protected]! Hear from both sides, a member of recently transitioned hospital system, UCLA as well as a representative of manufacturer & supplier, Cardinal Health. Vesco Medical's Response to revised ENFit Connector Conversion Schedule.

  • September 7, 2018 To Manufacturers of Enteral Feeding Tubes

    Sep 07, 2018 · manufacturer’s design and test enteral connectors based on the ISO 80369 series standards to reduce the risk of misconnections. The FDA also issued a letter to manufacturers of enteral products

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    Genius ® Syringes. The I.D. and lengths of the Genius ® Syringes are programmed into the SmartDispenser ® software, thus providing the highest repeatability. The SmartDispenser ® retaining ring is specifically designed for Genius ® Syringes. Genius ® components are made to fit perfectly for safety and consistent repeatability.

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    Qosina is a medical device component supplier of all the top brands in the industry, including ENFit® connectors and components. Shop our products today.

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    Dec 16, 2019 · A suppliers association survey in 2018 showed 28% of U.S. hospitals had transitioned to ENFit, though some industry experts said they believe the adoption rate is lower. Some manufacturers

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    Mc Distribuciones SL. Supplier from Spain. View Products. Backed by the expertise of Cardinal Health, CR100 Sterile Nitrile Critical Environment Gloves meet all relevant ASTM standards.* Features and benefits * Powder-free, synthetic nitrile * Clean-processed and chlorinated * Available in hand-specific sizes * AQL of 1.5 for freedom from holes * Packed in a Class 10 cleanroom environment

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    ENFit Transition Connector. To use the ENFit Transition Connector, follow these steps Step three Completing the transition to the permanent ENFit connection. The first Cook enteral feeding product to feature ENFit is the Entuit® Gastrostomy BR Balloon Retention Feeding Tube with ENFit connection. Click on the link to go to the product page.

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    MIC-KEY Bolus Feed Extension Set With ENFit Connector is for use with MIC-KEY low-profile gastrostomy, Jejunal and Trans gastric-jejunal feeding tubes. Enfit feeding connector allows a solid screw connection to the enteral feeding sets. The Secur-Lok connector at the patient end fits perfectly into the Mic-Key feeding port without damaging the

  • Successful Implementation of ENFit® in a Multi Hospital

    Patients will not have to purchase extra supplies, only ENFit supplies. During transition some facilities may have to carry both types of supplies. 3. Answer = B Rationale False-ENFit supplies are specific to ENFit and are not the previously utilized “Legacy” style supplies. Those previous supplies will not work with an ENFit feeding tube. 4.

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    Connectors are the parts of devices that attach tubing, catheters and syringes to other medical devices. Medical devices are often packaged together in tubing sets or co-packaged with another

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    Qosina is a worldwide supplier of thousands of stock OEM components including bioprocessing accessories, compression fittings, ENFit(TM) connectors, luers, clamps, clips, check val


    KB Medical Group is the leading global manufacturer of safety-engineered therapy devices for optimal hospital and patient safety. We manufacture ISO compliant, enteral feeding products and accessories uniquely designed using the new standard ENFit™ connection system for safe delivery of nutrition and medication to pediatric and adult patients.

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    We offers a wide range of single-use syringes and needles from the best manufacturers in the market. The range of single-use syringes includes 2-piece and 3-piece syringes, fine dosing syringes, insulin syringes, oral syringes, Original Perfusor syringes, as well as syringes with ENFit and NRFit connectors.

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    99 ($0.95/Count) $7.99 shipping. Stainless Steel Enteral Tube Feeding Syringe60ml ReusableENFit compatible. Uses 100% food-safe materialsperfect for eco-conscious tubies! Washable and Environmentally Friendly! 4.3 out of 5 stars. 51.

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    Therefore Nutricia participated (in collaboration with other leading global suppliers of enteral feeding devices) in the development of a new ISO standard for small bore connectors (), called ENFit™. This new enteral tubing connection system prevents mis-connections and ensures that only enteral nutrition can be delivered through

  • ENFit* ConnectorEnteral Feeding Connections Cardinal

    The ENFit® enteral feeding connector Addresses “patient side” connections between feeding tubes, administration sets, medication, flush and bolus feeding syringes and other enteral devices. Does not allow connectivity with any other connector for any other

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    Use these supplies to check for leftover liquid food A 60 mL ENFit® syringe Water Follow these steps to check for leftover liquid food Wash your hands with soap and water. Push the plunger on the 60 mL ENFit syringe all the way down. Attach the syringe to the

  • Legacy vs Enfit connectorsHome IV and tube feeding

    Oct 02, 2020 · October 3, 2020 at 8 02 pm. Report. Legacy presents many advantages especially for bolus and gravity delivery of meds and feeds. The Legacy syringe has a 3.8 mm inner diameter (ID) tip and many legacy feeding tube connectors have a 3.8 mm inner diameter. In contrast, all Enfit syringes and feeding tube connectors have a 2.9 mm inner diameter.

  • Dynarex Enteral Delivery Pump Bag Set with ENFit Connector

    The Dynarex Enteral Delivery Pump Bag Set with ENFit Connector (30/Case) (#4275) provides the components needed to open the nutritional bag, connect the tubing to the pump and the feeding set adapter to the feeding tube. This comes with a transition connector.

  • MIC* Bolus Gastrostomy Feeding Tube with ENFit Connector

    The MIC* Bolus G Feeding Tube is utilized for patients who are on a bolus feeding regimen. This feeding regimen relies upon a syringe to deliver meals through a feeding tube.Quality FeaturesThe MIC* Bolus G Feeding Tube is made of a high clarity, medical-grade silicone, designed for visibility and drapability.

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    1 Each, Enteral / Enteral Feeding Supplies / Feeding Accessories, ENFit Transition Connector., VESCO MEDICAL, LLC, ENFit Transition Connector, New, SK-007BIE-001

  • BSCI EnFit Connector Transition Guide Spreads

    Supplier Association (GEDSA) that is working to help educate the health of the ENFit Connector to help reduce the risk of a non-feeding tube device being connected to a feeding tube port. All enteral access devices, including feeding tubes, administration sets and enteral syringes will be impacted by these changes. The

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    Most manufacturers make both ENFit® and legacy devices but will make a complete transition to ENFit® connectors in the future. Due to the reverse luer lock connection, feeding tubes and medication ports will now require ENFit® devices. ENFit® will not fit

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    We are a global supplier of plastic medical components. Stock and custom components, full design, manufacturing, multilingual support. ISO 13485 certified.